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dreams of the stars

Forever is just another journey

Shannon René
23 March 1990
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abandoned places, aliens, ancestors, angels, animals, anthropomorphic animals, art, autumn, bdsm, bees, bells, bicycles, black clothing, black coffee, black comedy, blackadder, bread, british comedy, brogues, bunnies, candles, cartoons, cemeteries, charlie chaplin, children's literature, choral music, christmas, chuck taylor all stars, crosses, crowns, crows, cult films, daffodils, dark chocolate, dave foley, death, deforest kelley, depression, dial-a-song, dictionaries, doctor who, documentary films, dogs, dollhouses, dolls, douglas adams, dragons, drawing, earl grey tea, emo philips, encyclopedias, eyeglasses, fairies, fantasy, feet, fictional characters, figurines, film, foxes, funerals, geeks, glow-in-the-dark stars, goblins, halloween, harold and maude, hazels, hearses, horror films, horses, hugh laurie, human hair, imaginary friends, inanimate objects, instant cameras, jacques tati, jim henson, john cleese, john flansburgh, john linnell, kevin mcdonald, kith, labyrinth, lace, lambs, libraries, light, miniatures, monty python, monuments, moonlight, museums, nature, nerds, ntnocn, oklahoma, patterned socks, period drama, photography, pipe organs, pirates, plush toys, poetry, rain, renaissance faires, rik mayall, rock music, roses, rowan atkinson, rowans, rubber ducks, salmon, science fiction, shrines, simon & garfunkel, skeletons, sketch comedy, skulls, social anxiety disorder, spiders, stained glass windows, star trek, statues, steve buscemi, sweaters, teapots, teddy bears, the addams family, the marx brothers, the x-files, they might be giants, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tighty-whities, torchwood, toys, trees, trichotillomania, tulsa, tweed, twin peaks, unicorns, used bookstores, veils, velvet, visual comedy, visual impairment, vivid dreams, werewolves, wildlife, wrought iron gates